Monday 15th October 2012 – Turpan to Turpan!

Turpan to Turpan! 36 miles.

Set off as normal this morning, half an hour down the road the wind started to pick up, only today it was blowing against me! I should have stopped and turned back then, as further down the road all you could see was dust, but like an idiot I carried on, until it got so bad that I couldn’t ride against the wind or see anything for the dust!

Got back to the hotel and re-checked in much to the surprise of the staff!

Had toothache for the past few days so thought it was maybe a good time to try and sort it out. Managed to find a Dentist, thanks to the hotel staff, the tooth was loose so I knew and so did the dentist know which tooth it was so he said I’ll just pull it out, if it’s loose which it was there wasn’t a lot else to do! He gave me a slip of paper which I had to take down to the cashier who in turn after taking payment (£21) gave me a slip to go and get the anaesthetic and antibiotics from the pharmacy, once I had these it was back up to the Dentist for the extraction! He was getting ready for a battle to get it out, with his knee on my chest, when it just came straight out! It was one of my implants not a real tooth and I think that where it had come loose a piece of food had got underneath and that’s what was causing the pain.

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