Monday 16th April 2012 – Balranald to Hay.

Balranald to Hay. 86 miles.

Started the day off with a puncture, thought it was a bit flat when I got off last night. Need to get a new front tyre very soon it’s nearly bald and you find that you end up getting punctures when there worn out, going to try and make it last until Sydney if I can, as it’s only just over 400 miles away.

Had marsh land either side of the road today, but it’s been really flat with long straight roads, seemed to be loads of flies around again today, even though I had a shower last night they do seem to like me!

Saw loads of emus today generally in groups of six, they can run at a fair rate of knots! Also saw some kangaroos, they always make me smile seeing them bouncing off into the distance.

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