Cycle Touring India Monday 17th October. Dhule. 

Indian family
Deepam with his parents, Pradeep, Kalpana and Bagheeva the dog.

Got invited to go and have breakfast with Deepam and his parents in thier apartment this morning, which was really nice.

It was an unusual mixture of English and Indian cuisines on the one hand there was porridge, cornflakes and toast, and on the other hand there was sweet things like dates and shortbread, fresh fruit, lentils, fried cheese and potato and a dish made from flour.

It was all washed down with black tea with ginger in it. It was all really tasty and so nice of them to invite me.

Some gifts from Kalpana Deepam’s mum

No matter where I am, be it in the hotel or outside everybody seems to know me and know that I’m not very well!

People whenever they come up and talk to me are always asking the normal questions like where am I from, where am I going, do I like India and so on and now they ask how my chest is!

Went to a gentleman’s parlour this afternoon! Which isn’t quite what it sounds,  it was a barbers! Decided to go and get a shave more for something to do than anything else the monotony is starting to get to me a bit now!

That was an ok experience, although I got a bit more than I bargained for! After a shave he proceeded to give me nearly every other treatment he had, face scrub, head massage, upper body massage, steam bath on my face, he even put some cream on my face to make my skin fairer! Like I needed that!

I came out of there exhausted, but at least it passed an hour or so.

Off to the hospital again tonight for a follow up appointment. Things seem to be getting a lot better now and I’m thinking of starting to cycle again on Wednesday.

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