Kazakhstan, Cycling The World 17th-September-2012

Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Monday, 17th-September-2012, from somewhere else I haven’t got a clue of to near Aral. 94 miles. It’s been a long hard day with a strong headwind. The asphalt also ran out again, but it was only for twenty miles. According to some truckers I had breakfast with. The road is on and off now for the next few hundred miles! Just as I stopped, I noticed that the road was running out again, something to look forward to in the morning!

Bike in sand
I told you the roads were bad!

I’ve cycled a bit further than I thought today. I thought Aral was nearer, not that it made any difference. I didn’t get a hotel room. There was one hotel in the town, a huge old communist-looking place. I asked the lady in the hotel how much a room was, 4000 Tenge (less than £20). She said, but there’s no shower. For 4000 Tenge, I’d expect a shower, so I started to query the price. She wasn’t going to shift, so I begrudgingly went to give her the money when she said they were full! I couldn’t see how. The place was massive, and there weren’t any cars in the car park. So I thought balls to you, thanks for wasting my time, I’m better off in my tent and left.

The clocks have changed again today, and I’ve lost another hour. I didn’t go too far out of Aral, as it was getting dark. In fact, it was pitch black by the time I’d finished setting up camp. And I’m a happy camper tonight. I’ve got some beer.

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