Monday 17th September 2012 – Another! to Aral.

Another! to Aral. 94 miles.

Long hard day today, the wind was against me and also the road ran out although it was only for about 20 miles, according to some truckers I had breakfast with it’s on and off now for a few hundred miles! Just as I stopped I noticed that the road runs out again, something to look forward to in the morning!

I had to go a bit further than I thought today, I thought this town was nearer, not that it’s made any difference, I didn’t get a hotel room. There was one in the town a very big old communist looking place, I asked the lady how much 4000 Tenge (less than £20) she said, but there’s no shower, for 4000 Tenge I’d expect a shower, so I started to query the price, she wasn’t going to shift so I begrudgingly went to give her the money when she said we’re full, couldn’t see how the place was huge and there didn’t seem to be any cars in the car park. So I thought balls to you after wasting my time, I’m better off in my tent!

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