Travelsonabike2 France Monday 18th-March-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in France on Monday, 18th-March-2019. Bognor Regis, England to Neufchatel-en-Bray, France. 60 miles. Sorry about the email you may have received earlier, it was just me and technology not getting on!

Bonjour bonjour! Finally, I’ve made it to France!

Sea and white cliffs
The Sussex coastline as I left this morning

I’ve been trying to get here for weeks now. In fact, I think I’ve been trying since last April, if I remember correctly! Every time I’ve tried to get here, something has always gone wrong, or we’ve had bad weather like we’ve had for the past couple of weeks, gale force winds! But now there’s a break in the weather, and I’m feeling good. So that’s it, I’m off!

It was an early start this morning, and I was on the road by 4.30 am heading for Newhaven to catch the ferry to Dieppe.

Railway station
One of the many old stations along the Avenue Verte

Nice easy ride to Newhaven, and I arrived at about 8 o’clock. In plenty of time for the 10 o’clock sailing.

The crossing was very smooth, and it didn’t seem to take too long at all, although it was still four hours!

I met a lovely young couple, Mike and Pip, on the ferry this morning who were also on bikes. They’re heading for Switzerland in a roundabout way! It was nice talking to them.

French chateau
Chateau de Mesnieres-en-Bray
Finally, I’m In France

I arrived in Dieppe around 3/3.30 and, as per normal, got lost trying to find my way out! Well, not lost, I was just on the wrong road, the busier main road, instead of the quieter small road! But it didn’t really matter. It took me to the same place!

Green sign
One of the many Avenue Verte signs along the route

Nice ride along the Avenue Verte with a nice tailwind.

I’m hoping to get to Paris tomorrow. I know I always used to do it, but I’m not so sure these days, we’ll see! If I do, I do. If I don’t, I don’t! It’s not a problem, either way. It’s just nice to be able to ride!

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  1. How I envy you! How I love those Avenue Vertes – and Paris, that’s the icing on the cake. You’re a peripatetic cyclist.
    Best wishes – Malc.

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