Bike-Ride To Australia 19th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Monday 19th-December 2011 Sarapali to Sambalpur. 77 miles. My fame knows no bounds! Another TV crew wanted to interview me! At this rate, I’ll need an agent! This time it was along the side of the road. They’d pulled up alongside me on a scooter and interviewed me there, one asking the questions the other holding the camera. I found it quite hard to understand what he was asking me! So I just said my own thing and hoped for the best! After a while, a large crowd had gathered to watch and listen to the famous cyclist!!! Which was causing a bit of a traffic jam!

More media duties

Some of the signs along the roadside are pretty amusing! “No hurry, no worry” or “control your nerves on curves!” “Drink and drive; you won’t survive!” But my favourite so far has been “happiness is the journey, not the destination.” I can relate to that one!

Sign on wall
I should have been here yesterday
Yay, An Early Finish

I finished nice and early tonight and even found a hotel with the internet! Although it’s very slow and seems to time out before I can do anything! My room is also rather noisy! The air con sounds like a hamster running on its wheel! Perhaps there is. It is India, after all! And as for any cold air coming out, I think I’m better off opening the window! But then I’ll end up with a room full of mosquitoes!

And on top of that, I’m right next to the lift! Which has an annoying alarm if the doors are left open for more than two seconds! I think it may be a long night.

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