YouTube Video 1st-June-2020

Garry McGivern’s YouTube video on 1st-June-2020. Even though the lockdown has now been eased. Garry still has a few more YouTube/Flickr videos to publish. Sorry!!

It’s March 2009, and Garry wants to be a bit more adventurous and tour somewhere other than Europe! But not wanting to fly with his bike (he was worried it would get lost or damaged). Where could he go?

After a bit of thought and with the aid of a world map, he came up with Morocco. After all, it was only at the bottom of Spain! And he had already cycled there the previous year.

Wanting to reach Morocco as quickly as possible, without flying! He caught a ferry to Spain. Once in Spain, Garry used a combination of trains and cycling to reach Algeciras. There he boarded the boat to Tangier, where his tour of Morocco would begin.

Read more about the tour on the Moroccan tour page.


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2 Replies to “YouTube Video 1st-June-2020”

  1. Well, that was a lovely video. Your bike has seen it all. How much of that equipment has survived? I can’t remember if they repaired your Brookes saddle or replaced it.

    1. It has been around a bit 58,000 miles at the moment!
      A lot of my equipment is still the same, all my cooking gear is original. A lot of the components on my bike have been replaced as they’ve worn out, as you’d expect! I’ve tended to add different bits of kit over the years, rather than replace. I suppose the biggest change has been in tents, they’re a lot lighter these days. Although not necessarily better!
      I’m on my second Brooks saddle, I had to get a new one in 2015. The current one was repaired last summer.

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