Monday 1st October 2012 – ????? to Almaty. 91 miles.

????? to Almaty. 91 miles.

Really picturesque ride today, the rain that I had yesterday had obviously fallen as snow on the mountains as the mountain range that I was riding alongside all had a dusting of snow on the top, although some of the higher ones already had snow on them, the nearer I got to Almaty the bigger the mountains, I think, it was rather hazy so I couldn’t see them that clearly, hopefully it’ll be clearer tomorrow and I can see them. I’m reminded of Switzerland with all these snow covered mountains!

Got to Almaty mid afternoon, but then it took me another couple of hours to find a hotel and they only had a room for one night! Apparently there’s some exhibition going on in the city, but at least the girl on reception gave me a map with other hotels on it.

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