Monday 20th May. Saint-Jouin-Bruneval to Pourville-sur-Mer. 64 miles.

What an excellent day!

The day started off with the normal mist and low clouds, so I quickly rode through Etretat and Fecamp, as nice as they both are, there’s not really too much to see in the mist!

Cottages and beach
Cottages in Fecamp

After looking at the map in Fecamp I decided to leave the coast and head inland a bit more. After all I’ve done the coast road a few times and it’s not exactly the easiest ride! Beside looking for an easier route I also wanted to go somewhere I’d not been before!

Old railway station
It reminds me of the Avenue Verte with all the old railway stations

What an excellent choice it was, not only was it easier but I also found a cycle route or green ways as they call them here.

Man path flowers
Such a lovely route and the suns out as well

“Veloroute du Lin” which when it’s finished will go from Fecamp to Dieppe along the old railway line! It’s not quite finished yet, but about 90% of it is, and it’s all smooth asphalt!

And to finish the day off, the suns shining, and I’ve got a superb campsite for the night!

Bottles cooking pot lake
My view this evening

I’m pitched beside a lake and across the water I can see, a donkey, some ponies, goats, geese, ducks and their ducklings and a pair of otters!

2 Replies to “Monday 20th May. Saint-Jouin-Bruneval to Pourville-sur-Mer. 64 miles.”

  1. Well, that’s the nearest you’ll get to heaven. Do you do any wild swimming on your trip? Cycling is so much better than back packing and you’re independent. I’ve done that trip only once but I’ll never forget it. You’ve got the cider – you don’t need Rosie.
    Best wishes – Malcolm.

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