Monday 21st May 2012 – Jackson to Kirkwood

Jackson to Kirkwood. 57 miles.

That’s the hardest ride I’ve had in while, it was all up hill. Through pine forests at first which started to disappear the higher I got, which were replaced with some other type of tree, that I don’t know and rocks. I even got up into the snow, although most of it’s gone there was still plenty in the shadier spots. Got up as high as 8000ft, but I’ve dropped down a bit again think I’m at 7800ft tonight.

Stopped at a bar this morning for a coke (it was the only place around) and it was just like the bars you see in films, with the neon signs in the windows and the country music playing, all that was missing was the pool table!

Staying in a hostel tonight, I’m the only one here it’s massive! Asked this guy on a bike if there was anywhere to stay and he brought me here, he kept telling me his name was Bob and this is his town. When we got to the hostel there was nobody here, just a note on the door saying to ring this number which Bob did. The key was under a rock next to the door so we let ourselves, in just as we was doing this the owners daughter turned up and put the water and heating on for me. After a while they all left, with Bob once more telling me that this was his town, leaving me alone in this huge place, reminds me a bit of the film The Shining, except there’s no caretaker!

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