Bike-Ride To Australia 21st-November 2011

World Bicycle-Tour 21st-November 2011  Valkarel to Parvomaj 98 miles. Boy, was it cold first thing this morning! Mind you. It probably didn’t help coming downhill for the first hour! I got so cold I started to wish an uphill would come so that I could warm up! In the end, I stopped at the first opportunity, which was a little café.

Small house
Stoyan’s house

Not surprisingly, the café owner didn’t speak any English! And the only thing I managed to order was an omelette and some coffee. And that was only because I saw the eggs on the side and pointed to them! None the less it still went down well, and I soon warmed up.

Tanks in Sofia Bulgaria
More tanks from Sofia yesterday

While eating my omelette, I glanced up at the clock, noticed the time, and wondered if it was correct? It was showing an hour later than my phone! I showed the café owner my phone, pointed to the clock, and gestured to see which one was correct. The owner pointed to his watch, which agreed with the clock on the wall. Now that could explain a lot! When I went to bed last night, I thought Stoyan’s clock had said midnight. Yet when I was in bed writing my blog, my phone said 11 o’clock. It would also explain why Stoyan’s dad was so keen to get rid of me this morning. Before going to bed, I’d told him that I wanted to be on the road by 6! I didn’t think the clocks changed until I reached Turkey!

I managed to find a hotel tonight before it was too dark today, which was just as well. The roads are so busy with lorries! I didn’t fancy cycling in the dark.

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