Monday 21st November 2011

Tanks in Sofia Bulgaria
Tanks in Sofia is there something I should know about?

Mon 21. Valkarel to Parvomaj 98 miles. God it was cold this morning, mind you it didn’t help coming down hill for nearly an hour, I was so cold I was wishing an up hill would come just so I could warm up! In the end I stopped off at cafe so I could warm up, also decided to have an omelette, whilst sitting there I glanced at the clock and noticed the time, I then asked the owner if it was correct and it was, didn’t realise Bulgaria is 2 hours ahead of the uk I thought it was when I got to Turkey it was 2 hours! That would also explain why Stoyans dad was keen to get rid of me as I’d said I wanted to be gone by 7 and it was only just gone 6! When I went to bed I thought it was nearly midnight but when I was in my room doing yesterdays email it was only nearly 11! Managed to find a hotel tonight and before it was too dark, don’t fancy being on this road in the dark, it’s the main road from Turkey to Europe, there’s so many lorries.

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