Travelsonabike2 The Netherlands Monday 21st-October-2019

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in the Netherlands on Monday, 21st-October-2019. Rotterdam to the Hook of Holland. 34 Miles. Well, that was nearly a disastrous ending to the whole trip! I only booked the ferry the wrong way, England to Holland, instead of Holland to England, what an idiot!

Trees on water
The bobbing forest

Thankfully, the very kind girl on check-in changed the route at no extra cost! I thought the times of the ferries were different to the ones I’d got!

Ships cabin with bunk beds
Definitely lucked out on the cabin; there’s even a TV

Spent the morning hanging around the hotel. It was pouring with rain. And I didn’t have to be at the ferry until 11 pm. Well, that was what I thought!

Box shaped apartments
The cube house

After spending the morning in the hotel, I then went out to play the tourist.

I liked Rotterdam. I thought it was a lovely place, made all the better by the fact that everything is accessible by bike!

The Erasmusbrug bridge

Luckily, I got bored with playing the tourist and headed for the ferry. Just as well, it was due to leave an hour earlier than I thought!

It was an easy 20-mile ride to the ferry terminal at the Hook of Holland.

Cycle route signs
I liked this sign

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  1. Ah, the Centrum! There are so many misunderstandings. Pinter said, ‘What we take for common ground is really a quicksand’. Well, after that tour you deserve a luxurious cabin. Hip! hip! Hurrah!

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