Monday 22nd October 2012 – ??? to 30 miles north of Liuyuan.

??? to 30 miles north of Liuyuan. 75 miles.

Bitterly cold night last night, I woke up feeling a bit cold and had to put my fleece on, that was on top of my thermals, t-shirt, 2 pairs of socks, silk sleeping bag liner and my sleeping bag, which allegedly is good down to -10, maybe when it was new, but not now! It was so cold that when I’d packed everything away and went to load my bike up, I found the front wheel had seized up, no matter what I done I couldn’t free it, it was fine yesterday, I tried oiling it but still no joy, in the end I wondered if it had frozen up, as hard as hard as it is to believe, but I was getting a bit desperate, in the middle of nowhere and miles from anywhere! I got my stove out boiled some water, poured it over the spindle and it spun like it hadn’t ever stopped!

Mainly up hill again today, the place I was aiming for yesterday and where I was going to stop was just a service area. I did manage to get a meal there and top up with water as I was nearly out.

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