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Garry McGivern’s cycling around the world, Monday, 22nd-October-2012, a rocky side of the road to thirty miles north of Liuyuan. 75 miles. It was a bitterly cold night last night. I was so cold I had trouble sleeping. And that was despite wearing; a fleece, t-shirt, two pairs of socks, a thermal vest and long johns, a hat and a silk liner in my sleeping bag. Which allegedly is good down to minus ten, maybe when it was new, but not now!

Warning sign
Blimey, I thought I’d already come through that

After packing up this morning, I went to move off, only to find my front wheel had seized up. It was fine yesterday, and I never heard any strange noises. I tried oiling the spindle, but no matter what I did, it wouldn’t move! Things were starting to get a little worrying. I was miles from anywhere in the middle of nowhere. After a while, I began to wonder if it had frozen up, as hard as it is to believe, but I was getting desperate now, and I couldn’t think of what else it could be. I unpacked my stove and boiled up some water. I poured it over the spindle, and bingo, it was free. It spun as if it had never stopped! I quickly packed everything up, ensuring I kept the wheel moving, fearing it freezing again. I told you it was a cold night!

My decision to camp wild last night was the right one. What I thought was a town was only a service area. But at least I managed to get a nice hot meal and top up with water as I was nearly out.

It’s been a tough ride today and mainly uphill; hence I couldn’t make it to Liuyuan, so I’m camping wild again tonight. I hope it’s not as cold as last night!

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