Monday 23rd April. Bognor Regis to Crystal Palace. 16 miles.

How come whenever I think I have plenty of time I don’t! And it always turns into a rush!

I packed the bike up went to the chemists and got some drops for my eyes. Which incidentally feel a lot better now. Went back home for one last coffee, left home and started to cycle to the railway station to catch the train to London with plenty of time to spare or rather I thought I did! Halfway there I suddenly realised I didn’t!

Typical now I was in a rush! And just to top it all there was a strong headwind!

Train announcement board

When I reached the railway station I was puffing and panting but made it with a couple of minutes to spare, only to discover the train was cancelled!

Dulwich college
Dulwich college

Obviously my day started with a train journey! I’ve come up to London to see Kay and Rick the couple I came to see a few weeks ago, but this time I’m stopping the night, they’ve (not Kay and Rick) the site managers have allowed me to camp this time.

Two people and a dog
Kay, Rick and Billy the dog

My only plan at the moment is to stop here tonight, then tomorrow morning head down to Oxted to see some more friends then I’ll decide after that what I’m going to do.

2 Replies to “Monday 23rd April. Bognor Regis to Crystal Palace. 16 miles.”

  1. Crystal Palace eh! Dulwich College eh! That’s not far from the Herne Hill cycle track. You could have done a couple of laps. I’ll bet the dog was pleased to see you. Can you post bloggs from your tent?
    Best wishes – Malcolm

    1. Cars and dogs always like me thats because they don’t know any different!
      Everything is done on my phone and can be done from anywhere!

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