Monday 24th September 2012 – Eski Talap to Tortkol.

Eski Talap to Tortkol. 94 miles.

The landscape started off very baron today, last night I had to go about half a mile off the road and pitched my tent behind this big oil pipe there laying so as not to be seen.

The scenery soon got a bit greener and I was riding through cotton fields, not sure if these are remnants of the ones that were created by the Russians, they killed the Aral sea trying to get these cotton fields to work, in the end the cotton fields failed and it drained the Aral sea where they diverted the rivers that fed it! Apparently it was once the fourth largest inland sea, about the size of Ireland!

Met a driver today who I’d met on I think it was my second or third day of cycling, he was the one that marked my map showing me where all the really bad roads were and he was pretty spot on with his markings, he spends his time driving between Atyrau and Almaty. That was nice to bump into him again for the third time, wonder if I’ll see him again?

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