Monday 25th May. Setubal to Lisbon. 39 miles. Lisbon to Porto by train.

I bloody knew I took the long route yesterday! After looking at my website last night to see which way I went the last time I was here, it was more along the coast and away from that big hill! But hey ho! I took the ferry from Cacilhas to Lisbon this morning which I also took the last time I was here and the good thing was that it hadn’t really gone up very much at all since the last time, it was 75 cents then and it’s only €1.70 now and that was 7 years ago! I also realised last night after looking at my last trip here that if I was to stand any chance of getting to Santander on the 1st June I’d have to get on a train and the easiest place to do it would be Lisbon as I know the further up I get the more awkward it becomes! So I had a few hours of hanging about in Lisbon before my train to Porto left at 15.39. Bit of a problem getting the bike on the train (I left it all loaded up) as the gap between the platform and train was so far and high but luckily because I was holding everybody else up there was plenty of people to help! Once on the train I had to take all the panniers off anyway as the bike had to hang up on a rack! It does stress me out a bit using other forms of transport when I have the bike but only for a short while! The train journey itself was fine and they even had free wifi! (We really are a bit behind in some ways in England!) Arrived in Porto at about 6.45pm then had the problem of finding somewhere to stay whilst trying to cycle on these stupid cobbled streets! Photo; thought I was in China for a while this morning!
Terracotta soldiers at a wine museum near Setubal

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