Monday 26th December 2011, Boxing Day in Calcutta

Went back to the Bangladesh high commission, was told to be there at 8 as there tends to be a big queue and yes there was but not at the window I needed and it didn’t open until 9.15! So bought a visa form off one of the many people selling them and filled it in, then got told you need to fill in 2, so bought another one, made a mistake and was told any corrections and it will be rejected so brought another one. When the window eventually opened at nearer 10, handed over the forms, only one was required in the end apparently Indians have to do 2! Got told to come back at 11.30 to be interviewed. I was interviewed by a jolly chap who never really asked me anything. Got to go back tomorrow at 5pm to pick passport and visa up. Plan to leave here Wednesday after breakfast.

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