Monday 28th July. Highbridge to Cheltenham. 89 miles.

Managed to de-camp this morning just as a few spots of rain started to fall but it never came to anything or at least not where I was, I quickly started to pedal off before it did become too much!  There’s been plenty of black clouds around all day but I never saw any rain apart from those few spots first thing! Went on a detour into the Cheddar Gorge early this morning not that I really had any idea of were I was going anyway so it wasn’t really a detour although I did sort of have Wales in my mind! Anyway detour or not it was well worth the trip. I started at the bottom of the gorge where the village of Cheddar is and at first I didn’t think much to it there was loads of touristy type shops but luckily they soon petter out and you get to see the natural beauty of this deep gorge with it’s sides of limestone rock reaching up to the sky and mountain goats standing precariously on little ledges, who knows how they get there or even how they get off again but they do! I did notice however that there did seem to be alot of rubbish around! Managed to find my way around Bristol without to much difficulty although the route I went was very industrial and not very pleasant! Decided that I’d go to Wales and visit my relatives, so I crossed the river Severn on the Severn bridge. When I got to the other side I decided that I wanted something to eat so made my way to the nearest town which was Chepstow, the only trouble was that it was down a big hill, one that I certainly didn’t fancy cycling back up, so I scrapped the Welsh idea and headed up towards Gloucester and Cheltenham! I might stay here tomorrow and decide which direction to go in next as I can’t decide at the moment! Photo: Cheddar gorge.Cheddar gorge

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