Monday 28th May 2012 – Delta to Provo.

Delta to Provo. 95 miles.

Loads of traffic today, especially caravans and camper vans, but there nothing like the ones we have in Europe, the caravans are at least 30ft long and they also tow another trailer behind that with the quad bikes or boat! The camper vans tend to tow there car behind, not a small car, the big 4×4 family car! Think there was plenty of traffic to to it being a public holiday.

Going along one stretch of road it was covered in giant grasshoppers, had a bit of a job avoiding them, there was so many, didn’t make a very nice noise when I run over them, a really loud crunch!

It’s got a bit warmer now I’ve dropped down a bit out of the mountains, think I’m down about 2000 ft, surprising how much warmer it is!

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