Monday 28th November 2011 in Istanbul

Inside the Blue Mosque
Inside the Blue Mosque

Went to the airport first thing to see Julie off, it’s been a nice weekend playing the tourist, sorry to see her go but that’s not what this trips about, got to get back on my bike and get moving for the next part of my journey. Spent the rest of the day sorting out the bike and replacing things that I used, o and relaxing in the hotel bar for a few hours! Seem to have developed a taste for gin lately, as I was leaving the bar to go out for dinner, I said I would be back later, the barman said fine I’ll see you later I just need to get another bottle of gin, he only got a new one last night!

Dinner was really nice, a dish called Testi Kebabi cooked in a clay pot on a wood fire which they have to break open at the table. It’s lamb or chicken, I had lamb. It contains onion, peppers, tomato, mushrooms, garlic and spices and it was served with rice and bread.

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