Dorset Bicycle Ride 29th-June-2015

Garry McGivern’s Dorset bicycle ride, Monday 29th-June-2015 Bognor Regis to Brockenhurst. 62 miles. Well, once again, I’m off on my bike. This time I’m heading down to the West Country. It’s not going to be the biggest of tours; if I manage to cycle three hundred miles, I’ll be surprised.

I’ve had a nice ride down to Brockenhurst today. And to make a change, I’ve been following the National Cycle network route two instead of my usual route along the main road. It’s been a bit of a pain at times as it twists and turns all over the place. But because I’d never cycled this route before, I quite enjoyed it.

The route involved a few ferries today, which I always enjoy, although none of them for any great time or distance. My first ferry of the day was the crossing from Portsmouth to Gosport. I could have got one before this from Hayling Island to Eastney, but I’m not sure if it’s running at the moment. After getting to Gosport, the cycle route took me to Warsash and the river Hamble. And my next ferry, which was the smallest and cheapest of the day. It was also the most fun. It was bright pink.

After crossing the river Hamble, the cycle route took me to Southampton, and my final ferry of the day, which ran from Southampton to Hythe. Once I’d reached Hythe, I was in the New Forest. I continued to follow the cycle route but lost it and took a detour. All in all, though, it’s been a great cycle route on quiet roads and, on occasions, off-road.

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Little Pink ferry
The little pink ferry at Warsash


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  1. Hey Garry! I wondered about that crossing. It used to be just a rowing boat. Are you ofay with Vin Cox? He did a circumnavigationj of 29.330 km in 163 days.

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