Cycle Touring England Monday 29th June. Bognor to Brockenhurst. 62 miles.

I’ve decided to go away for a few days down to the west country as there’s one or two things that I want to see and do, it’s not going to be a huge tour at all if I do 300 miles I’ll be surprised! Had a nice ride today I actually followed one of the national cycling routes for once instead of just going straight along the main road! It was a bit of a pain as it does tend to twist and turn a lot but because I’d never cycled that way before I found it pretty good. There was a few ferries involved which I always like although none of them lasted more than ten minutes they were only little ferries that crossed rivers, there were all pretty expensive apart from the one that I got from Warsash that crosses the river Hamble it was the smallest of the day and also the cheapest and the most fun it was bright pink! (see photo below) I did manage to loose the cycle network route once I was in the New Forest and ended up on a little detour but only for a few miles. Photo; The little ferry at Warsash.Little Pink ferry

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  1. Hey Garry! I wondered about that crossing. It used to be just a rowing boat. Are you ofay with Vin Cox? He did a circumnavigationj of 29.330 km in 163 days.

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