Monday 30th April 2012 – Taree to Kempsey.

Taree to Kempsey. 73 miles.

Finished really early today, I’m not due in Brisbane until Saturday, so no need to push the mileage, seems really strange not being under any pressure, not that I am anyway, it’s just the pressure I put on myself! I know what’s going to happen I’ll take my time and think I’ve got ages to get there, then all of a sudden I’ll find I haven’t got much time at all and have to get a move on! I should really have stayed in Sidney a bit longer, but I was getting itchy feet and wanted to be on the move again, plus I didn’t want to abuse the hospitality from Jenny!

Got given another address for somewhere to stay yesterday, by a woman who was just filling here car up, she’d done some marshalling at a cycle event in the past and said I could camp in her garden, unfortunately her place was a bit off my route and I passed there early this morning. Even though I’m not in a rush I still can’t seem to go off my route and do detours!

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