Cycle Touring France Monday 30th October. Brighstone to Bognor Regis. 53 miles.

The church at Chale

It was a fresh start to the day and it was definitely a struggle to get out of my nice warm sleeping bag, but I’ll take these cold mornings over damp wet ones anytime!

Blackgang Chine
Blackgang Chine or what’s left of it after parts have fallen into the sea

It was a very relaxed start to the day, I wasn’t in any hurry to rush off, I knew I had to go home it was just a question of which way.

St Catherine's point
Looking back across the island from St Catherine’s point

In the end I just had a little bimble around the island trying to find routes that I haven’t been on before. Which is very hard on somewhere that only measures 25 miles by 13 miles, roughly and you’ve been here as often as I have! But I still enjoy it!

Hill view
Looking back down one of the hills on the Isle of Wight

This whole trip has been about finding new routes or at least new routes that I haven’t been on before, well apart from the fact that originally I had intended to go to Paris again!

The sunset in Bognor Regis

France was still good and I did manage to find a different route. I’ve never cut across the country the way I did, every other time I’ve been down that way I’ve gone up around the coast. So that was enjoyable dispite it being fairly hilly.

All in all its been another enjoyable little tour. Total miles covered 255.

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