Cycle Touring India Monday 31st October. Lucknow to Faizabad. 79 miles.

Well they certainly know how to party here, the fireworks went on all night! I think the last ones I heard were at about 2am before I fell asleep, even when I got up this morning I could still hear the odd firework being let off somewhere! And there still letting them off here in Faizabad tonight, it’s getting a bit boring now!

Indian man on a bike
Local cyclist

Fast ride today without stopping, well not stopping properly as in getting off the bike and sitting down somewhere couldn’t see the point I wasn’t going to take a chance on eating something just in case as my stomach still didn’t feel good!

Mud huts
The buildings have changed now to more like mud huts

As a consequence of not stopping I arrived in Faizabad pretty early and immediately set about finding a hotel. The first one I found was all closed up, perhaps they were having a refit, I thought and went off in search of another one. Just around the corner I found two more hotels but they were also closed! I started to wonder whether this was some sort of tourist town and it was now out of season so everywhere had closed!

I carried on looking and found more hotels but they were also closed, I went up to one of them and got talking to the manager and he told me it was a public holiday so all the staff were off! I asked if there was any hotels around that would be open and he said no! After doing my, I’ve travelled a long way and really wanted to stay in this town routine he eventually said that I could stop but it would be room only and no services, that was fine by me that’s all I wanted anyway!

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