Monday 4th May. Somewhere at sea in the Bay of Biscay

Got on the ferry fairly quickly last night with very little waiting around, seem to have been fairly lucky so far with ferries on this trip! Extremely impressed with the ferry i didn’t even have to walk up from the car deck there was an escalator and the bar prices are really cheap too! Bit worried that I had to leave my bike without tying it in though, I normally do it myself but they said that they would do it as they needed to move it once the lorries were on! I hope they have, we’ll soon see tomorrow morning! Looked at the weather forecast for Bilbao tomorrow and wished I hadn’t! Their forecasting strong winds with possible gusts of 50mph! But on the bright side there was only a 70% chance of rain!! When I looked again a bit later it had changed completely, I don’t think that it had refreshed very well because of the dodgy wifi on board and that was the forecast for back home I was looking at, certainly hope so! Time has passed fairly quickly on board today, this morning I sat in the restaurant having breakfast and got talking to some other passengers which was nice and passed an hour or so. Then after that we stopped off in Roscoff for an hour to change crew then we were hugging the coastline so there was something to look at and then this afternoon the bar was open! And we had bracelet making in the Planet bar!!

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