Monday 5th March 2012 – Bandar Lanpung to Mekan, Java. 57 miles

Bandar Lanpung to Mekan, Java. 57 miles

Nice early start today as I knew I had a ferry to catch, but didn’t know how frequently they ran or how long it takes. The ride to the ferry wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, I’d been told it was really hilly, but it wasn’t too bad. On the way there I met three Germans on motorcycles, one of them had a side-car which carried all his stuff. The other two were just on normal bikes. Spoke to them for a while they were all going to East Timor, the two on normal bikes were then going onto Australia and the one with the side-car is probably going to turn around and head back home, he wasn’t too sure.

Got to the ferry terminal and went to pay but they wouldn’t let me and just waved me through!

The ferry journey was OK, it just took for ever to dock a good hour and half I think we waited, got given a map of Java by a very kind man and his family who I was talking to.

After we’d eventually docked I was going to ride another 12 miles or so to the next town as I’d been told by several people on the ferry that there was some nice hotels there, the one here in Merak is more like a motel and not very nice! Well if this isn’t very nice I don’t know what is. Got a deluxe room for the same price as a standard (£25) bikes in the room, nice bar, with plenty of beer, wifi and a swimming pool, (went for a swim couldn’t be bothered to dig out my swimming shorts so just went in my under crackers, there’s only me here I think anyway!) what a result! If I’d have known about this place before I’d have come here and stopped for two nights. But that’s the joys of my sort of travelling you never know what your going to get!

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