Monday 6th August 2012 – Trabzon to Findikli.

Trabzon to Findikli. 89 miles.

Noticed today when I turned over the map it’s going to be my last night in Turkey, should be in Georgia tomorrow.

The next three countries, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan are not your usual popular holiday destinations and I really don’t know much about them! I only know that Russia invaded Georgia a few years ago and at the time my good friends the Barrs were there on holiday and had to get out of the country pretty quick! Should all be good fun and hopefully a bit different!

Last night in Turkey and I seem to have found the most expensive hotel yet $90 a night! If they charged $40 that would have been expensive for what it is! But I suppose I didn’t have to stop here I could have looked for somewhere else!

Be glad to be out if Turkey in one respect, hopefully it’ll be easier to find places to eat when I stop as I don’t think Georgia is muslim so hopefully no Ramadan!

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