Bike-Ride to Australia 7th-May-2012

Garry McGivern’s bike-ride to Australia Monday 7th-May-2012. In Brisbane. I spent the morning around the house just fiddling around. I was also trying to win Zoe’s dog, Molly, over. She just keeps growling at me!

After failing to win Molly around, although I do think I’m making progress! Errol and Zoe took me to a block of flats that Errol and his brothers had built. It was very interesting, and as you’d expect, many of the building practices are the same as the UK’s.

We then went to where my aunt and uncle used to live, which I knew off by heart. I remembered the address from when I was little when they’d sent a letter to my grandparents. Who hadn’t heard from them for years. I think I memorised the address with the hope of travelling to Australia. At least I’ve made it now! I was only about ten or eleven. We went to Cleveland on the coast for lunch and had fish and chips at the Lighthouse chip shop.

Beach and houses
The tides out at Cleveland

It was late afternoon when we left Cleveland, and we headed for Mount Coot-Tha to look out over the city. You could see for miles up there. It was particularly nice as the sun was starting to set. We left Mount Coot-Tha in the dark and headed into Brisbane city centre. We had a lovely walk around the Southbank, which had restaurants, bars and parks. There were a few water features for the children and big kids like myself to play in! There’s also a Ferris wheel. Nice area with plenty going on, very clean and felt really safe, just like the rest of Australia.

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