Monday 7th May 2012

Didn’t go out until late morning and firstly went and had a look at a block of flats that they’d just built, which I found really interesting.

After that we went to where my aunty and uncle used to live, for some strange reason I knew and could even remember their address, even though I’d never been there. It was a fish and chip lunch at the lighthouse, a nice fish and chip shop on the coast at Cleveland.

After a late lunch we went up Mount Cootha to look out over the city, you can see for miles up there. The evening we went into the city and had a walk around the south bank, a lovely area with bars, restaurants and some public swimming pools that are completely open to the public, with a few water features for the children and big kids like myself to play in! There’s also a big Ferris wheel. Nice area with plenty going on, very clean and feels really safe, just like the rest of Australia.

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