Monday 7th November 2011

Castle in Leipheim, Germany

Mon 7. Geislingen to Mering 83 miles. It’s starting to get pretty cold now especially when the sun doesn’t come out. Seemed to go the long way round today, after riding for nearly 2 hours I went past a sign that said I’d only gone 9km from where I started! Good laugh in the hotel last night with a couple of locals and the staff, I couldn’t get the internet on my notebook so the Chef who obviously knew everything, tried and failed and just wouldn’t listen to anybody else, after a while he did give up and the second chef and waitress did it straight away, much to his disgust! Cycled along with an older man for a while he was off to see his daughter a couple of villages away. Think there’s some Bavarian event going on in the hotel tonight, unless they always wear traditional clothing when they go out! Perhaps there’ll be some thigh slapping later!

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