Cycle Touring Nepal Monday 7th November. Chisapani to Kathmandu. 11 miles.

Not really much to say today it was a very short ride into Kathmandu and I was in a hotel by 10.30.

Mountain vista
The view I woke up to this morning

The ride itself wasn’t very pleasant at all and I’m so glad I waited until this morning! The road surface had disappeared or rather they were renewing it and there was so much traffic on it although not as much as last night. In fact there was a steady stream of traffic all night on the road, I could hear it from my room and if I looked down over the valley all I could see was one long snaking trail of lights on the road going up the valley!

Dusty road in Kathmandu
The bad road on the ride into Kathmandu this morning

Once at the hotel I gave all my clothes a good wash, updated the website, had to repair one of the rear panniers, not too sure if I’d been hit or I’d caught it on something but there was a tear in it, some maintenance on the bike and a de-stress for me, I felt pretty worn out after the past few days and today wore me out mentally with all the traffic and bad road conditions!

Street in Kathmandu
Street in Kathmandu

Think I’ll play the tourist tomorrow before moving on on Wednesday, the hotel only have a room for two nights and I’ll probably be bored by then anyway!

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  1. The lazy bastards! How many would get there without the internal combustion engine. Looks like an international mad house. Mind you, there are plenty of pot holes on the Isle of Wight.

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