Travelsonabike2 Montenegro Monday 7th-October 2013

Bicycle-Touring Europe 7th-October 2013 a wet day in Sveti Stefan. Looking out my hotel window this morning, it was grey and overcast and didn’t look very pleasant at all. I had breakfast and went back to my room to get my bags and leave. But in the time it took to get from the restaurant to my room it started to rain.

Thinking that maybe it would pass over quickly, I thought I’d give it half an hour to see if it would stop. It didn’t. Instead, it got worse with the wind getting up and the rain getting heavier! That was it. I wasn’t going anywhere today. It was miserable riding conditions out there and no fun at all! As it turned out it was the right decision, the bad weather continued into the afternoon.

Car Ferry
The Lepetane to Kamenari ferry I took yesterday

I had a lazy morning in my hotel room with the rain coming down outside. Watching crap TV, although to be honest, there was quite a good selection of English/American channels. As far as I was concerned, the main one was the Discovery channel. I could watch “Mythbusters” and “How it’s Made”. Boring men’s TV but good!

Rugged coastline
Looking along the coast
The Rain’s Stopped

After the rain had stopped, I went down to Sveti Stefan. Not that there’s a lot to see! Sveti Stefan is or was an island. It’s not an island anymore! And it’s now some luxury hotel, with owns the private beaches on the mainland! The only thing down there was a closed restaurant with an ATM! While there, I thought I’d make use of the ATM, only to find out my card had split and was unusable! Luckily I have other cards, so it’s not a major problem!

I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow to get back on the road! It’s too boring here!

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