Monday 8th October 2012 – Kazakh/Chinese border to Korgas.

Kazakh/Chinese border to Korgas. 15 miles.

Literally crossed the border and stopped today, which is what I’d intended doing on Saturday.

Six different places my passport was checked before they’d let me out, must admit, I’ve not seen such a heavily fortified check point before, loads of guards, search lights and razor wire!

Once out of Kazakhstan it was a 5 mile ride across no mans land, the road just went in a big arc. When I got to the Chinese check point the Kazakh one was only about half a mile away!

At the Chinese border I was given an escort in by a young soldier who then passed me onto someone else who in turn passed me on again, eventually when I reached passport control there was a young girl who spoke very good English, who helped me fill out the entry card then took me to the front of the queue to get my entry stamp, all very smooth and easy. Had a quick photo with her before I was on my way.

How different in China, so much building going on, loads of fruit and veg for sale that you can see, it’s not all hidden away behind doors and plenty of good cheap hotels.

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