Monday 9th January 2012 in Kunming

Mon 9. Kunming

Went for a ride round Kunming today, It’s so different here from India and Bangladesh, there’s so many hi rise buildings, the apartment I’m staying in, is on the 22nd floor and there’s another 10 more floors above me! Hope the lifts don’t break down! All the buildings seem to have light displays on them at night, making for a very bright and colourful place, I noticed it on the flight in yesterday also.

The people seem to be a lot more reserved, they don’t stop and stare like in India and Bangladesh, they don’t tend to make eye contact and there certainly not as inquisitive or maybe that’s just me! The roads are so quiet, well not really, but compared with Dhaka it’s like riding in the countryside! The smells as you walk around, it’s like being in a chinese restaurant permanently and the taste of the food is gorgeous, it’s nothing like the chinese food at home.

It’s so cheap here and such a variety of food, lunch cost about 60p for beef, chicken and rice and dinner tonight cost £1 for some noodles. I just haven’t got a clue what I’m ordering as all the signs are in chinese and there’s no english anywhere in the restaurants and nobody speaks a word of english either. The only english I’ve seen since being here is on road signs which is good, apart from my maps all in chinese! Had to take photos of the road sings then study the map to try and marry up the chinese characters, got it sussed now!

Going to have to learn how to use chopsticks, or I’ll be going hungry! Think I managed ok tonight with a bit of coaching from some locals and the chef!

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