MSR Hubba Tour 2 Still Isn’t Waterproof

The MSR Hubba Tour 2 tent still isn’t waterproof! The saga goes on.

It started when Garry bought his first Hubba Tour tent in 2017. After the tent fly failed, he returned it for repair. However, the new one wasn’t waterproof! After many calls to MSR, with many of them basically calling Garry a liar! Saying it was condensation and that nobody else had had this problem!! They eventually agreed to send him a replacement fly, which also leaked!

Once again, after many calls, he was sent another replacement, which, yes, you guessed it, also leaked! Garry was then sent yet another tent, which unsurprisingly also leaked! Garry was so annoyed that he posted a video on YouTube highlighting the problems!

After a few months, MSR got in contact, wanting to rectify the situation. Unfortunately, the timing was terrible. He’d just come out of intensive care after recovering from sepsis. Garry did send them an email explaining his situation, and they replied, saying no problems, get in touch when you’re better! Well, Garry eventually did send them an email at the beginning of 2019. It got ignored entirely, and he’s never heard anything since!

Not Giving Up

Liking the design and layout of the MSR so much, and the fact he’s not been able to find anything similar that suits his needs, he took matters into his own hands! And sealed the seams that were leaking, which he did in 2019, but despite over 5000 miles on the road last year, it never rained! Or rather not when he was camping!

After being asked the question on his YouTube channel. Is the tent okay now? It reminded him that he’d not tried it in the rain! Now with the country, in fact, much of the world in lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak! And with no end in sight, he’s decided to try it out in his garden.

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6 Replies to “MSR Hubba Tour 2 Still Isn’t Waterproof”

    1. Despite all the problems with the MSR leaking, it is my go-to tent and the one I use the most!
      But I will certainly bear you in mind if I ever do decide to sell it.
      Stay safe.

    1. Hi Patrick, I hope you and Chantel are safe and well?
      I used “Silnet” from McNett to seal the seams. Although in fairness, the ones that leaked were only sealed on the outside. I’ve now sealed them on the inside!
      Stay safe.

  1. That’s what we’re up against. No one will accept responsibility for anything. They just hide behind sales hype. At least Brookes did you swell.

    1. MSR’s customer service is none existent! Must admit I couldn’t fault Brooks, they were superb when my saddle bolt broke last summer. Read post
      I hope you’re going to download that new NHS app!!

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