MSR Leaky Tent Video

Garry brought his new MSR Hubba Tour 2 tent in February 2017 which he thinks is a superb tent. However, he has had issues with the waterproofness of it ever since the first time it rained!

Inside a leaky MSR tent
Inside the wet MSR

Now after 15-months and three new tents later Garry has had enough with the poor quality and design flaws of the MSR tent, so he’s made a video to highlight the problems!

Garry also wrote an updated review of the tent which you can read by clicking here.

To watch Garry’s “MSR Leaky Tent Video” you can either stay here or head on over to Garry’s YouTube channelEither way, you’ll find it boring!

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2 Replies to “MSR Leaky Tent Video”

  1. Hi Garry! I think I’ve already seen this one. What shabby treatment! I pushed my old Dawes out to Island H arbour. I could always meet you there for a drink. It’s like the Riviera now but it has a nice atmosphere. Keep turning the pedals.
    Best wishes – Malc.

    1. Yes your right you have seen this one!
      I bet it was busy at the harbour, I wouldn’t have thought it was your kind of place?
      Still no sign of the electric bike then?

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