MSR Velo

Garry’s original touring tent was the MSR Velo, the ideal cycle touring tent! It had a large vestibule which was useful for storing panniers overnight; it was even big enough to get a bike inside if needed! And for its time was fairly light! In fact, it was probably made specifically for cycle touring, hence the name Velo! (French for bicycle)

MSR Velo
Garry’s old MSR Velo

Garry’s Velo had sat on the back of his bike for over 35,000 miles and was with him on his world tour. But after countless nights of camping under the stars in wind, rain, hail, snow and usually being packed away wet the following morning It just wore out! It had even survived a tornado! (Spain 2008)

Tent in the woods
Garry’s MSR on tour in Spain

Unfortunately, when Garry went to buy another one, MSR had stopped making them! So Garry had to start looking for an alternative.

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