Normandy Bicycle-Tour Map October-2017

Cliffs with an arch in the sea
Cliffs at Etretat

Normandy bicycle-tour map October-2017. A map showing where Garry spent each night on his tour around Normandy, France.

This was a surprise trip to France! Garry had intended to go to the Isle of Wight! But after cycling to Portsmouth to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight. He found out that he had just missed it. And it would have meant Garry waiting around for another ferry in an hours time! So instead of waiting, Mr impatient cycled around the corner to the international ferry terminal. And booked a ferry to Le Havre instead! Ironically now having to wait three hours and a whole night before he would arrive!

After a bit of dithering upon arrival in France, Garry headed north towards Dieppe and came home the following morning! A pleasant weekend ride with 200 miles covered.

Behind each marker is a summary of that day’s events, plus the mileage cycled that day.

You can find out more by visiting the Normandy tour page.

Normandy Bicycle-Tour Map October-2017

You can view Garry’s photographs from this ride by visiting his Flickr page.

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