November 2017 Update

Haha! Nothing is ever simple with me! I was told a month or so back that I needed my ears syringing but hadn’t gotten around to making an appointment with the doctors. Anyway, I finally got around to going along and getting them done, only to be told that I had an infection in them and was given some antibiotic spray for them!


It was my granddaughter Rubi’s birthday at the beginning of the month, so we had a barbecue for her, cooked by Vicky and Paul my daughter and son-in-law. It was a fun evening, and we all had fun.

Garry’s granddaughter Rubi
isle of wight

I returned to the Isle of Wight at the beginning of the month, this time it was to catch-up with my mate Malcolm, the old boy that I met a few years ago on the ferry to St Malo. It was good to meet up with him once again and chat for a few hours and hear the stories that he had to tell of his travels!

Two men in a pub
Garry and Malcolm

Julie came with me on this trip, so we decided to make a bit of a weekend of it. After meeting Malcolm in Cowes, we then cycled up the Squirrel trail to Newport where we spent the night.

Man and women
Julie and Garry

In the evening we went to the pub up the road from the hotel for some supper where we were also entertained by a trad jazz band, which surprisingly I liked and enjoyed.

Band in a pub
The trad jazz band

After breakfast the following morning we continued to follow the Red Squirrel Trail to Sandown,

Wood lined path
Along the Squirrel Trail

where we cycled along the seafront to Shanklin before turning back and then following the coastline round past Bembridge, St Helens, Seaview and then back to Ryde where we caught the Fastcat back to Portsmouth.

Women cycling along the seafront
Julie cycling along Shanklin seafront

I’ve also been having some fun making video diaries from my last little jolly to France. Not too sure whether I’m going to do it again, as it is rather time-consuming, but we will see!


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4 Replies to “November 2017 Update”

  1. Hi Garry! a good post. I can’t believe you’re a grandad. I can’t believe you and Julie put in all those miles on a dull week-end.
    I can’t suss out your Email. All my messages are bouncing back. It’s Gigibakery I can always pop down to meet you.

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the email I’ll send you another one and thanks for the Gigibakery I’ve found it now!
      If I know when I’m coming over I’ll give you a shout.

  2. HI, my countrymen should read the story with the doctor. They think it can only happen in Hungary.
    It was nice to see your cycling Julie in your blog

    1. Hi András good to hear from you.
      You have to get the old girl out on the bike sometimes!
      I hope your keeping well and still cycling.

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