November 2018 Update

Time for a small celebration I think!

From being the sickest person in the county (that’s according to the hospital) with infection markers of over 300, less than 4-months ago, I’m now the fittest! Well not quite, but my markers are down to just one, and I’ve not got to go back to see my consultant for four months!

Hopefully, that means the end of any of that nasty infection and I can concentrate on building my strength up ready for my next operation!

Steam boat
Steam boat on the river Thames
Back At The Hospital

On a separate visit to the hospital, I’d been invited to visit the intensive care unit that cared for me back in August!

What a brilliant idea! It was really good for me to see where I’d spent all that time and even better to see the nurses, doctors, consultants and auxiliary staff that looked after me!

Some of whom I recognised some I didn’t, but disturbingly they all seemed to remember and recognise me! And despite their busy schedule, looking after the patients that were in the unit now, they all came over, said hello and asked how I was!

Windsor castle
Windsor castle in the sun

I think the staff got as much out of it as both myself and Vicky did, it was all rather emotional! Learning first hand from the people that had cared for me, just how ill I was!

And from their point of view, that person that was in their care for a month. The person that wouldn’t respond to any of the antibiotics they tried! But now seeing that person, looking so fit and healthy! (relatively!)

I am truly one of the lucky ones and will be eternally grateful to all the staff on the ICU unit and all at St Richards Hospital, Chichester!

Away From The Hospital

On the subject of being in hospital and people thinking that I was going to die! My cousins decided to come and see me! They came from Wales, the Midlands and Australia! It was lovely to see them all, and we had a couple of lovely family meals.

Family gathering
Garry attending his own wake

Fed up with the state of my garden I decided I needed to get out there and do something!

It may not have been the best of ideas I managed to hit my head on the garage wall, giving me a nasty graze!

Gave up after that and went for a lay down!

Cut on a head
Garry with his grazed head

Julie was on holiday this month, so we had a few days out! Which made a lovely change for me! We didn’t go very far, one day we went to Windsor, Julie had never been there before. We also had days out in Portsmouth and Brighton, both of which I would regularly cycle to not that long ago!

Ship leaving port
Ship leaving Portsmouth

The cycling continues to improve; although I’ve still only been cycling locally, I’m hoping next month to go a bit further?!

8 Replies to “November 2018 Update”

  1. Thanks Garry for your Christmas Card . We wish you a very Happy Christmas & pray for your good health . We look forward to see you back in action . Once again thanks for remembering us .n

    1. I think everybody should attend their own wake before there dead! They miss out on a party if not!
      Hopefully it won’t be our last supper!

  2. Well, haven’t I always said your a bloody marvel. A pillar of society and yet you camp in in a field with a six pack. Better than me: I went to the doctor with what I thought was a saddle sore and it turned out o be shingles.
    When you start up again,take the cat with you..

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