Garry McGivern’s November-2019 Update

It’s Garry McGivern’s regular monthly update for November-2019. As mentioned in last months update, I’ve been very good and have indeed wrapped myself in cotton wool, sort of! The idea being my wounds, would heel and I wouldn’t get any more, not that it’s done any good, I still ended up at the hospital!

At the very end of October, I took Passepartout to St John Street cycles in Bridgwater for a well-deserved service. I had planned to cycle there as I have in the past. But with the weather the way it is at the moment, I decided it was better to drive, bad mistake! The traffic was a nightmare, what should have been a two and a half, maybe three-hour journey, turned out to be more like eight! But at least my bike is now all serviced ready to go away on another tour.

Flooded fields
It’s been rather wet, this is a cycle path not a stream!
More Ailments

Over the next few days, I developed a pain in my right calf, which became so bad I couldn’t bear any weight on it and could only stand with the aid of a crutch! Time to go to the doctors, once again!

After an examination by the doctor, who thought it could be a blood clot! Caused by my sitting in the car for so long the other day, decided to take a blood test! And said that if I didn’t anything by the end of the day, then everything was okay and there was no need to worry. The end of the day came, and I never heard back. So I assumed it wasn’t a blood clot, although I was still in a lot of pain, and unable to walk very well!

Sea, ship, castle
One of the few sunny days we’ve had in the past month

The following morning, I was still in pain, so I decided it was probably best to stay in and rest. After all, I was meant to be wrapping myself in cotton wool! Around mid-morning the phone went, it was the doctor, telling me that my blood didn’t get to the laboratory in time, and was no good, so could I go for another blood test today! But this time over the hospital, just to make sure they did get it on time! That was fine by me. It wasn’t as if I was exactly busy! She said that the same would apply as last time, no news is good news!

More Waiting

After the hospital, I returned home. It got to around 5 o’clock, and I hadn’t heard anything, so I assumed I was in the clear. Literally, just as I thought that the phone rang, it was the doctor! She said my D-Dimer level was high, (whatever that is!) and could be a clot! So I needed to go to the surgery and pick up a prescription for some syringes, (I think they thin the blood), and I’ve also made an appointment for you at the hospital for a scan in a few days, she said!

At The Hospital

After a few days of injecting myself with the syringes, I was still in pain. But at least I was off to the hospital, and would hopefully receive an answer! The hospital took all day, firstly waiting for the scan, then secondly waiting to see a doctor! After eventually getting to see the doctor the news was good, they couldn’t find a clot! But, that could be because of the injections! So could I stop taken them and come back the following week for another scan!

The week went by, and I was still in pain although it had eased off slightly. Back at the hospital, they once again scanned me. And again I went to see the doctor, and what’s the first thing he says to me? Which I tend to hear a lot whenever I see a new doctor! “Well, you’ve had an interesting time!” Referring to my time in hospital last year!

To which I gave my usual reply of, “so they tell me!” as I don’t remember too much of it.

“Well the good news is it isn’t a DVT,” the doctor said

“That’s good, but what do you think it is” I replied

“I’m not too sure, it could be sciatica, especially as you have a history of back problems, or possibly something to do with your hip! I’m sorry I don’t know, but it’s definitely not a clot!” said the doctor, and his best advice was to take painkillers!

That was all at the beginning of the month, and my leg is feeling a lot better now, albeit still a bit painful! So what it was, who knows, just another one of my mysterious problems! I am an enigma!

Away From The Health Issues

As I said, my leg is a lot better now, and I can once again bear weight on it and walk. Which is good news especially as I was asked to babysit Indya one afternoon, and the easiest option was to take her out for a walk in her pram, which I found made a good zimmer frame!

Sleeping baby
Indya in her pram, all ready to go out with grandpa

I’ve only been out a couple of times on the bike this month, it’s either been too windy, too wet or generally both! One day last weekend when it was nice I set off on the pub bike, only managing to get a few miles before my back wheel started to rub against the brake. I stopped to look, but couldn’t find anything wrong, so continued riding, but the rubbing got worse! Pulling over once more, I still couldn’t find any reason, but thought it best to return home and swap bikes.

After returning home I was going to go back out on Passepartout, but I’d now lost interest and decided not to bother! Instead, I took another look at the back wheel on my pub bike and this time found the problem! The wheel had split, through wear over the years! Luckily I didn’t continue. The chances are that the wheel could have collapsed on me!

A Day Out

Julie and I decided to go to London for the day yesterday. (30th November) It was the only day we both had free before Christmas, it was so busy! London is busy at the best of times, but this was unbelievable, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that busy! It may have been down to that “Black Friday” thing, who knows?

One of the entrances to Borough Market

First off we went to Borough Market, which was a delight, an old market full of independent stalls mostly selling groceries. There was also an area that sold street food (very trendy at the moment!) from around the world. We sat down and had Japanese!

Tall buildings by water
The London skyline

We then went for a walk along the side of the Thames before heading to Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Where Julie went shopping, and I sat in a pub, or rather I didn’t, it was so busy I had to stand at the bar! A pleasant day, despite it being so busy!


I’ve been wracking my brain over the past few weeks wondering where I could go on my bike. And even considered heading over to Asia! But decided that probably wasn’t the wisest of moves at the moment! Anyway, I can’t go too far now as I start a new course of treatment! Which might involve me having to go to the hospital two or three times a week! I find out tomorrow (2nd December) when I go for my first appointment!

Christmas lights
Christmas lights in London

The open wound on my heel. The one that stopped me from having my operation last month is slowly but surely getting better. Unfortunately not enough for me to be considered for an operation!

I’m thinking of renaming my website to “travels on a bike 2 the doctors!” all I seem to talk about these days is visits to the doctors and my ailments!

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  1. Well, I can’t match you but I’ve got a hip problem too. It tightens up when I walk. I’m too much of a wimp to cycle in the winter but I have been following the Seine and the Loire on google maps. I take a bus on Mondays to visit a friend in Seaview. Last Thurs, I went over to Soton the see the Pre-Raph exhibition,. You are an enigma. I just can’t wait for you to get that op out of the way and to think of you going off to Asia. – and then you even find time to go out with Julie.

    1. You’re still a lot fitter than I am!
      I like Seaview we used to sail over there, on a boys day out, visit the Old Fort pub, then sail back!
      Glad to hear you’re getting out and about, even if it’s not on the bike!

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