November-2021 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-2

November-2021 bicycle-tour video; Episode-2. Christchurch to Bognor Regis. After spending a pleasant evening relaxing in a hotel, Garry’s now ready to start another day of cycling. He has to be home in two days for a hospital appointment. So Garry’s heading in the general direction of home, unsure if he’ll make it home or stop the night somewhere on route!

Not wanting to go home the same way he arrived, Garry’s heading home via the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight is as hilly as normal, and Garry’s feeling it by the end of the day! But before reaching the Isle of Wight, Garry’s off to explore the Dorset and Hampshire coastline.

After conquering the Isle of Wight, Garry gets the ferry to Portsmouth. Where it’s a short ride home, but not before Garry contemplates spending the night in his tent!

November-2021 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-2

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2 Replies to “November-2021 Bicycle-Tour Video; Episode-2”

  1. Hi Garry! I was in the toughest unit called the Army Catering Corps. We had to fight off our own troops.. That Premier Inn looked a big place. Well, you’re struggling but still doing the mileage and you’re still bringing home the bacon with some lovely Autumn views.

    1. Haha, I can imagine.
      It’s a very big place! Premier Inn’s are good as they let me take my bike into the room.
      The trees look lovely at the moment, although the wind will have probably blown all the leaves off today!

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