November 2021 Monthly Update

Garry’s November 2021 monthly update. The month got off to a good start with Garry managing to cycle to Christchurch, which was the first time he’s been away anywhere since June! It’s just a shame that it was only for one night, but at least he got away! The results of his hip biopsy came through. And he learnt what the hospital is going to do about his Anaemia, and it’s not particularly pleasant!

Marshes and lighthouse
Hurst Point, Keyhaven

After cycling to Christchurch, Garry came home and went to the hospital to get the results of his hip biopsy. The good news was that they found the bug that was causing Garry’s infection. The bad news, it was a new bug! And Garry will have to spend at least two weeks in hospital once they’ve removed his hip and replaced it with a temporary one!

The Staphylococcus Aureus bug, which caused the initial infection in Garry’s hip in 2018! And was the one causing all the trouble this time, was nowhere to be found in the biopsy! Instead, they found a new bug, Pseudomonas, which Garry could have picked up while in the hospital! Although they never found Staphy A, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t there. It may be just hiding! As it had been for the past three years! There’s still no date for the surgery. Garry needs to get the Anaemia checked out first.

Building on stilts
Wooten Creek, Isle of Wight

As mentioned above, Garry has to get the Anaemia checked out before they’ll operate on his hip. After all, why bother wasting time and money replacing his hip if he’s got cancer? Not that he’s likely to, but that is why they are checking! Although both of the consultants looking after Garry. His orthopaedic surgeon and the colorectal surgeon are convinced his Anaemia is all linked to the hip infection. But to be on the safe, they have to check. And to check, they need to put a camera down his throat and one up his bum! I just hope they do his throat first!! There’s no date for this procedure either! And now, with this new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, who knows what’s going to happen!

More Wishful Thinking

As per normal, Garry had hoped to go away somewhere on his bike after returning home from Christchurch, but after realising he had more appointments than he thought, he was unable! And to be honest, the truth is Garry’s finding everything a struggle, what with his hip and Anaemia! Not that Garry’s sitting around doing nothing. He’s still active and rides his bike every day, just not too far! And if he does go too far, he spends the next day recovering!

A pair of lovely horses

Seeing as this will be Garry’s last update before Christmas, he’d like to wish everybody a safe and peaceful holiday season.

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2 Replies to “November 2021 Monthly Update”

  1. Infamy! Infamy! They’ve got it in for you. Hospitals are unhealthy places: better to be out in the open air going one knows not where. ha ha (Says I wrapped up in the warm) Did you ever do any cycling in the Yorkshire dales?
    Why do you always go in the same direction? Why not Sussex or Kent?

    1. It certainly seems as though somebody has!
      I’d enjoy nothing more than going somewhere if I felt up to it!
      Yorkshire is on my to do list.
      Too many hills! Plus the prevailing wind would be against me coming home.

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