October 2020 Photos

October 2020 photos, a very slack month on the photo front! With the majority of shots coming from previous tours. Although Garry’s not been busy with his camera, he has been busy with his YouTube channel, hence the photos from previous trips.

The only photos this month that aren’t from previous tours are ones that Garry has taken along Bognor seafront. It’s the only place he’s been out cycling on his bike!

October 2020 Photos

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2 Replies to “October 2020 Photos”

  1. Nice selection of photos. I’ll bet you hurtle around town without all that luggage. With lockdown, bikes and exercise machines are flying off the shelf. I’ve given up on the health service. Your hip illustrates the hypocrisy of the whole set up. In normal times you can get a good meal at St Marys hospital. (sans beer) he he

    1. Thanks, Malcolm, it certainly is a lot easier. I fly around town! Although not having gone anywhere this year I’ve forgotten what it’s like to ride, with a fully loaded bike!
      I’ve not noticed so many bikes around on this lockdown! In fact, it doesn’t appear to be any different from any normal time, are we in a lockdown!?
      St Richard’s, our local hospital, was the same, it used to have a great café until Starbucks or Costa took it over! Even the staff don’t bother using it now!
      Stay safe and keep peddling.

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