October 2021 Photos

October 2021 photos, after seeing his surgeon at the beginning of the month, Garry was given the all-clear to get back on his bike. And he wasted no time in getting out and about, with rides to Littlehampton and Arundel. Not quite the rides Garry had in mind. He had planned on going a bit further afield. Before winter sets in and before he had to go back into hospital! Unfortunately, though, Garry wasn’t feeling too good. Which the doctor later diagnosed Garry as being anaemic!

Most of the photos this month come from the start of the month and Garry’s rides to Littlehampton and Arundel. There are also a few photographs taken at Pagham Harbour.

Garry’s anaemia seems to have really knocked Garry! Either that, or he’s just being lazy! He’s still not got around to posting the photos from last month onto Flickr!

October 2021 Photos

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2 Replies to “October 2021 Photos”

  1. No,no I have no egrets. Unusual to see the bike without front panniers. If you fitted a sidecar, you could take Indya out for trips. If you can do 81 miles, you don’t have to worry. On that Italy trip, you took in a lot of the belle France.

    1. I thought the bike felt a lot lighter! My other bike had a puncture, so I just quickly grabbed my other bike!
      No need to bother with a sidecar. Indya will be riding her own bike soon!
      Ciao Bella!

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