October 23rd 2021 Video-Update

October 23rd 2021 Video-Update. An update on Garry’s hip and what’s going on there! Plus, an explanation as to why Garry’s not been away anywhere on his bike! Apart from the obvious one of his hip!


October 23rd 2021 Video-Update

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2 Replies to “October 23rd 2021 Video-Update”

  1. Hi Garry! I was exhausted just watching the video. My hip came out in sympathy. You’ve got an amazing track record and your not finished yet. I’m a wimp, I’ve put my bike away for the winter.
    I met a mate in Cowes who was caught on the Red Jet. It had a fire in the galley.
    When in St Malo, did you ever take the ferry to Jersey?

    1. Not as exhausted as I was! I hope your hip is okay?
      I’m certainly not finished yet! It’s coming up to the tenth anniversary of the start of my world tour! So it’s even more prevalent in my mind at the moment that I get away! I think that once this hip gets sorted, even if it is with a temporary one, I’m off on an extensive tour!
      Winter, we don’t have them these days. All the seasons seem to be very similar, apart from a slight temperature change. Get that bike back out!
      No, I’ve never made it to Jersey or Guernsey, although I’ve often thought about getting the ferry from Granville rather than Saint-Malo.

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