Odd Photos Taken in May 2020

Odd photos Garry has taken in May 2020. There’s quite a lot this month, as the lockdown was eased halfway through the month, allowing Garry out on his bike! In fact, there’s so many Garry has split them into two galleries!

On hearing the news that the lockdown had been eased, that was it, Garry wasn’t going to hang around, just in case they changed their minds, and was out on his bike straight away!

Although there’ll be no touring just yet, as the lockdown hasn’t been eased on overnight stops. We still have to stay at home, but it is a start! Anyway, there’s nowhere to cycle to as everywhere is still closed!

As a result of the ban on overnight stays, Garry had to stick to his local area. Which is where the bulk of the photos come from. Which was okay with Garry, he was just happy, just to be able to get out on his bike!

With the lockdown still in force, at the beginning of the month. Some of the photos are from previous years. Garry was looking back over the years, to see where in the world he was on the same date.

Other photos have been posted on Garry’s social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photos Taken Before Lockdown Was Eased
Photos Taken After Lockdown Was Eased

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2 Replies to “Odd Photos Taken in May 2020”

  1. That’s the stuff – get out on the open road – in all weathers – 80 miles a day – camping. I bet you’d pull your own teeth. he! he! It’s just the sheer sensual pleasure of cycling.

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