On This Day 13th-March-2016

Due to my ongoing incarceration, it feels like it sometimes! I’ve been looking back through old posts to see what I was doing on this day in particular years. On this day, 13th-March-2016 I was banned from travelling abroad! My Vicky was getting married later on in the year. And my passport had been confiscated! To make sure I’d be at the wedding as if I wouldn’t.

Grass and bushes
Kent High Weald

Back in 2016, I was also working (believe it or not!), which only left me with the weekends to go cycling. My usual direction of travel would have been west towards the New Forest. The prevailing winds usually blow from the west. And I always like to have the wind behind me coming home. But on this weekend, the wind was blowing from the east.

The previous day I’d cycled up to Southborough, although as is quite often the case with me. It wasn’t my original destination! But now it was time to head home, ready for work the following morning. Work, just the mention of the word sends a shiver down my spine! Not really. I’d love to be able to work. Hopefully soon, but not before I’ve been on a few rides! Anyway, back to Southborough. Realising that Ditchling Beacon could be on my way home, I decided to head that way. I wanted to see if I could get up it with a fully loaded bike. Strange, I usually go out of my way to avoid hills! That’s how I’d ended up in Southborough in the first place! Read the full post here.

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