On This Day 15th-July-2019

This week’s on this day post comes from the 15th-July-2019, and I’m in Ireland on my first big tour since my recovery from sepsis the year before. Familiar campsites, the picturesque Copper Coast, a coffee and scone at the pub (yes, you read right) and a broken saddle.

There’s also a YouTube video from this day on my YouTube channel.

Monday 15th July. Tramore to Carrigtohill. 64 miles.

I knew that campsite was familiar last night. I did stay there before. I remembered all the children running around, although maybe not the same ones as in 2009! They were a right pain in the arse and were still running around, screaming and shouting at ten o’clock. And I really could have done with an early night last night.

My late night last night didn’t help this morning. I woke up and fell back asleep. But I was still on the road by seven-thirty. And, of course, I was very quiet when packing away so as not to wake any of the little darlings. Not!

It was a lovely ride this morning along the picturesque Copper Coast, a UNESCO Global Geopark. There were some pretty steep hills, but the roads were nice and quiet. I spent quite a bit of time looking around an old copper mine.

Cliffs beach sea
Looking back along the Copper Coast

I couldn’t find any shops or cafes along the Copper Coast, so I was forced to stop at a pub! The only trouble was they weren’t serving beer, just scones and jam! So I had a scone with jam and a cup of coffee! What’s the matter with me? I think I might need to get checked out by a doctor! A scone and coffee, and at a pub. What is the world coming to!?!


While eating my scone, I spotted a Greenway across the road, which ran from Waterford to Dungarvan, I was only on it for ten kilometres, but it was still good. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Dungarvan, my saddle broke! And it was the same bolt that snapped last year! (I think Brooks could be getting an email!) After spotting the Greenway, stopping at the pub was quite lucky in the end. Although I’m still not impressed with stopping at a pub and not having a pint.

On the bright side, my saddle couldn’t have broken in a better place. Dungarvan had plenty of bike shops. I chose O’Mahony, and what a good choice that was. Although the man couldn’t fix my saddle, he gave me another saddle so I could continue! Which feels just fine. I’ll sort my Brooks out when I get home.

I’ve stopped at another familiar campsite tonight, and it’s the same lady running it that was here ten years ago. And it’s a lot more peaceful than last night’s stop. There’s only one other tent here.

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