On This Day 17th-June-2017

This week’s on this day post comes from the 17th-June-2017, and I’m on my way home after a visit to St John Street Cycles in Bridgwater to get Passepartout serviced. And I think I may have stayed at one of the worst campsites ever.

Saturday 17th June. Wool to Southbourne. 71 miles.

I should have made it home tonight (I’m only twelve miles away), but seeing as the weather is so good and I don’t have to be home until tomorrow lunchtime, I’ve decided to stay out for another night.

Stalag 17

The campsite last night was awful, over-priced, crowded and ran more like a concentration camp! They came around several times while I was pitching my tent to make sure I was in my allotted area. The gates to the site are locked at eleven and don’t open again until seven. And you needed two security codes, one for the toilets and one for the showers, and it was also a different code for the ladies!

At around nine-thirty last night, the camp commandants came round for an inspection. Just to make sure everybody was in their area and weren’t encroaching onto the next pitch. And to remind everyone that it was lights out at ten o’clock! The last part isn’t true, but I’m sure it’s something that they wanted to say!

I was sitting in my tent packing away stuff after washing up when the Gestapo turned up. “Is that your phone?” They asked, “yes,” I said. “How long has it been charging for?” “Not long”, I replied. “I’m sure it won’t take much longer.” “Well, make sure it doesn’t. You never paid for electricity!” “It’s a bloody phone. I’ll pay for a hook-up if it’s that much of an issue for you!” I snarled back! They just walked off. Bloody little Hitlers, they pissed me off for the rest of the night!

Cars on boat
The Sandbanks chainlink ferry

Still, at least I’ve had a nice ride today, and the weather has been brilliant.

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