On this day 18th-March-2019

There’s still no date for going into hospital or for my operation. So there’s no chance of going away anywhere. But that gives me another opportunity to bore you all. With another “on this day post.”  On this day, 18th-March-2019, I was up early and on my way to France for the first time in nearly eighteen months.

White castle
Yay, I’m in France

The previous year 2018, hadn’t been the best of years for me after ending up in intensive care with severe sepsis shock. Which, as you might imagine, set me back somewhat. But after a new hip, numerous hospital appointments, and many months of physio. I was now feeling strong enough to attempt a ride abroad. Quite ironic, really, that what happened four years ago in 2018 is what’s stopping me from going anywhere again now!

I was still under the hospital and had plenty of physio and hospital appointments to attend. But now, I felt strong enough and had the time free between appointments. I was off.

I’ve always enjoyed cycling in France. And I think I’ve been at least once a year for the past fourteen years. That is up until the last couple of years. And all being well, I shall return later this year. But until then, I’ll just have to be satisfied with looking back at previous trips and bore you in the process! You can read the post here.

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